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NANOK navi is a new, satellite based risk map methodology for aiding navigation in remote areas with little or no chart coverage.

The Arctic contains vast un- or poorly charted coastal regions. NANOKnavi provides the maritime information needed to de-risk your navigational decisions. Building on state-of-the-art satellite data, users can be certain that their GPS position matches their position on the NANOKnavi map. Relying on modern and up-to-date satellite data in stead of decades old surveys, NANOKnavi equips navigators with the overview of subsurface hazardous rocks, tidal zones and coastlines.

Use cases


Recreational navigation

When exploring your local surroundings in Greenland, navigation is a real challenge. You’re often working with less than accurate charts, or charts filled with gaps, where information is unavailable concerning dangerous shallow water areas and coastlines. While braving into the outdoors is exiting, it shouldn’t be unsafe. NANOKnavi produces smart device tailored risk charts allowing you to get from A to B in the safest possible way, also when being offline. This is a vital easy to use supplement to existing navigational tools.
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND - MAY 03, 2015: Container ship arriving in front of majestic mountain landscape. Vessel of Eimskip, oldest shipping company of Iceland.

Commercial/scientific vessels

Working in the arctic is tough. Wether you’re operating a taxi service, cruise ship, working logistics or even doing military ops, NANOKnavi fits your needs. NANOKnavi has been tested and used by a broad spectrum of clients that all have one thing in common. They need to get around in the arctic safely.

Antarctica - December 05, 2016. Chilean coast guard ship.

First responders

When lives are at risk, you can’t always choose where the situation requires you to go. Managing navigational risk is key when it comes to safeguarding your personnel and equipment. NANOKnavi means getting to a crisis safely, quickly and efficiently without contributing to it.

”NANOKnavi can help us develop new products, find new routes and make sailing in Greenland a safe and good experience.

NANOKnavi can also help us minimize the risk of groundings and by that ensure lower insurance premiums on our ships. ”
“With the help of satellite-derived bathymetry from DHI, we were able to make a proper navigational risk assessment enabling our clients to safely access the remote and poorly charted waters around Skjoldungen.”

Explore a free sample risk map


NANOKnavi is tailored for arctic regions. We can generate risk maps for most ice-free areas with depths that impact ship traffic.


Maritime activity across the Arctic is increasing together with an increased geopolitical awareness in the region. Maritime operations in the Arctic are associated with high level of navigational risk since access to reliable nautical charts is limited by the fact that existing charts are often several nautical miles off, with vast areas still uncharted. This situation often leaves navigators with on board equipment such as different types of sonar systems, offering little decision support on route planning and forward-looking situational awareness at a larger scale. NANOKnavi significantly supports route planning and situational awareness for a wide range of both civil and naval tasks.
NANOKnavi is developed in collaboration with key Arctic stakeholders including the Royal Danish Navy, Greenlandic pilots, Greenlandic tourist operators and Arctic first responders. NANOKnavi provides Arctic navigational risk minimization by mapping submerged rocks, intertidal zones and coast lines. The mapping is based on our automated remote sensing processing chains including our market leading DHI proprietary multitemporal bathymetric retrieval model which is based on open-source satellite data, validated against in-situ multi-beam echo sounding data. NANOKnavi reaches out to international Arctic stakeholders paving the way for a pan-arctic navigational risk minimization.


Reach out to Mikkel or Lars for more information about NANOK.

Mikkel Høegh Bojesen

Business Development and Project Manager

Lars Boye Hansen

Operations Director

NANOK is the greenlandic word for polar bear. Like the polar bear we know Arctic waters and how to navigate the Arctic region providing local in depth knowledge, yet covering vast distances through our second-to-none EO data based products. NANOK is developed and maintained by DHI.